Zero Marine

250ml, 500L

With a special formulation, the ZERO MARINE natural latex base covers the micro-porosities to protect your board and prevent loss of air on your paddle surf board and other inflatable water equipment.

Technical advice: Apply Zero Marine using the applicator tube in the bottle spout and insert into the inflatable.


No, it is also suitable for inflatable dinghies such as Zodiacs or other sea inflatables.
First de-inflate and remove the valve. If applicable, separate the interior filter from the inflatable and move to one side, and add the applicator tube to the cannula of the Zero Marine bottle and insert it inside the inflatable. Next, pour 250ml of anti-puncture liquid inside it, screw the valve on and inflate it to the required pressure. Finally, move the inflatable so the liquid moves in the direction of the leak.

Protect your paddle surf board from air losses!