The best Lubricant for your transmissions

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A lubricant with high strength vegetable waxes that creates a film over your chain to protect it from external atmospheric agents.

Lubrication, protection
and maintenance of your

Our bike chain is one of the fundamental pillars in practising our hobby. Continued use or use during aggressive stages where dust, mud and water are present damages the components of our transmission. Discover ZERO DUST, a lubricant made from high strength vegetable waxes which enables a film to be created over the chain which is impassable to external atmospheric agents. In doing so, we will be able to extend the life of our transmissions.

Protects and maintains the tire

Discover the advantages of our lubricant solution

100% maintenance

Thanks to the lubrication from Zero Dust, we can protect our transmissions from mud, dust or water and keep our bike in good condition.

Chain protection

Get increased protection for your chain thanks to Zero Dust and extend the use life of all of the parts of your bike.

It doesn't stain

Its special formula doesn’t leave stains on clothing or on the hands when handling it.

How do you apply the lubricant?


The first thing you should do is clean the entire chain and transmission thoroughly using water. To do so, a brush with hard bristles will help and you can clean the sprockets, chains and plate. Once clean, you should check there is no residue. Then dry it with a cloth. Once the transmissions are dry, shake the Zero Dust product well and apply it, leaving the product to take effect for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Yes, this product is suitable for all types of bikes.