Zero Flats
Teknik Cámaras de aire

250ml, 500ml, 5L

Formula adapted to the specific requirements of tyres with air chambers, seals punctures instantly.

Technical advice: Check the table for quantities recommended for road tyres.


ZERO FLATS is a special formulation with nano-encapsulated latex which remains in a liquid state within your tyre. However, when it finds a leak, it coagulates to form a flexible and permanent cover with characteristics that are similar to the rubber on the tyres.
The exclusive ZERO FLATS formula retains the mechanical characteristics of the original rubber and, therefore, does not damage your tyres.
The main advantage is that you can reduce the pressure, taking advantage of any tyre offering a lower resistance to rolling when there is no inner tube.  We recommend low pressures, of around 30 psi (2 kg) for a biker weighing 70 kg. The ideal point depends on your style, and you should experiment a little, but in general you will find that the tyres have more traction, offer more comfort and roll better. If you have a rigid bike, you will notice a huge difference!
The easiest way is not to repair it: let ZERO FLATS do it for you. The cover it forms is permanent and flexible. If you have a very large hole or cut, first decide whether it is worth repairing. If so, dry the inside of the tyre with a hair dryer and repair it as if it was an inner tube, with glue and a normal patch. On the market, you can find special patches for tubeless tyres, which are more rigid, but if the hole is so big that you need one of these, it is more than likely not a good idea to repair it.
That’s not a problem. If you don’t like it, replace it with the traditional inner tube. ZERO FLATS is not an adhesive, it can be rinsed easily with water and does not leave any permanent residue on the tyre. So, get ready for that puncture! However, we are convinced that if you try it, you will keep using it with all of its advantages.

Don’t let punctures stop you