Bike wash, the perfect degreaser cleaner for your bike

In these summer days, we want to go out and take advantage of the longer days to enjoy the outdoors with our bike. That’s why it is very important that your bike is in optimal conditions so that you never stop cycling until you reach your goals. 


In these case, your best friend will be BIKE WASH, a degreasing cleaner effective against all types of dirt such as grease, dust or mud that will keep your bike in perfect condition. In addition, it is a totally biodegradable and ecological product that can be applied to all parts of the bicycle, even in metallic materials, plastics, fibers, painted supports, gears, chain, frame and rims, without damaging any type of surface or material. 


It’s time to protect your bike with our star product! Use BIKE WASH easily, thanks to its adaptable applicator and choose foam or spray. What are you waiting for? This summer have your bike ready and go out to enjoy time with your family and friends!