Never stop cycling with Zero Flats!

This autumn season, don’t stay at home and get outdoors with your bike to explore new places with Zero Flats. With over 10 years of experience in the cycling industry, we have the perfect formula to make punctures a thing of the past and keep you riding. 


Easily apply Zero Flats to your punctured tyre, through the valve or before beading the tyre and you will see that thanks to its special nano-encapsulated latex formula it acts immediately with a strong, elastic and permanent seal. In this case, the product remains liquid inside your tyre, but when it finds a leak, it coagulates forming a flexible and permanent plug with characteristics similar to those of the rubber of the tyres. 


Next, our colleague Antonio from Zero Flats will give a short demonstration of how to use the product in case of a puncture. Don’t miss it!