Strong Points :

  • 20 km autonomy in case of puncture
  • Protects & Maintains tyre on the rim
  • Security & Comfort
  • More traction
  • Light weight
Assembly instructions for ZERO CUC for tubeless tyres :
  • Remove  the Wheel from the bike
  • Dismantle the tyre from the rim
  • Attach the ZERO CUC valve to the rim
  • Assemble the ZERO CUC around the rim
  • Assemble the tyre
  • Add ZERO FLATS sealant
  • Inflate to the correct pressure
  • Assemble the Wheel

Assembly tips :

Take a tyre changer and use 2 zip ties on the rim and the CUC when mounting the tyre.

Each kit ZERO CUC contains 2 CUC + 1 set valves special ZERO CUC + 1 bottle ZERO FLATS

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