ZERO CUC is a protective foam for the rim and tubeless tyre.  In the event of tearing in the tyre, the CUC goes into operation immediately.  Used with ZERO FLATS anti-puncture fluid and a little air, it offers maximum protection against cuts on the rim and allows the rider (in competition or on excursions) to return to their starting point. When the tear is too big and the Zero Flats Anti-Puncture Sealant can't act, the CUC takes over.  Placed on the tyre as a preventive measure, it continues to provide support when the wheel has lost its inflation.  The CUC keeps the tye on the rim and protects the rim: pedal in safety. The range of 20 km on the road has been tested under racing conditions.  When you return to the workshop, check the status of your CUC  It will have absorbed shock and allowed you to maneuver with a cut tyre. If badly damaged, replace or repair scratches with duct tape.


Strong Points :

  • 20 km autonomy in case of puncture
  • Protects & Maintains tyre on the rim
  • Security & Comfort
  • More traction
  • Light weight
Assembly instructions for ZERO CUC for tubeless tyres :
  • Remove  the Wheel from the bike
  • Dismantle the tyre from the rim
  • Attach the ZERO CUC valve to the rim
  • Assemble the ZERO CUC around the rim
  • Assemble the tyre
  • Add ZERO FLATS sealant
  • Inflate to the correct pressure
  • Assemble the Wheel

Assembly tips :

Take a tyre changer and use 2 zip ties on the rim and the CUC when mounting the tyre.

Each kit ZERO CUC contains 2 CUC + 1 set valves special ZERO CUC + 1 bottle ZERO FLATS

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