Recommended Dosing for each Tubeless Tyre + Air Chamber

Road 700x23 / 700x25   : 55 ml

Gravel 700x38 / 700x40 : 60 ml

26" x 2.2"                      : 65 ml

27.5" x 2.2"                   : 70 ml

29" x 2.2"                      : 80 ml

26" x 2.4"                      : 70 ml

27.5" x 2.4"                   : 80 ml

29" x 2.4"                      : 90 ml

27.5" x 2.6"                   : 90 ml

29" x 2.6"                      : 100 ml

27.5" x 2.8"                   : 100 ml

29" x 2.8"                      : 110 ml

27.5" x 3.0"                   : 110 ml

29" x 3.0"                      : 120 ml

26" x 4.0"                      : 120 ml







This is a good combination that works if you don’t commute so often, and you don’t get annoyed if you have a puncture from time to time. Besides the pricks, this has a low maintenance: just check the pressure before get out, and Ride on! But watch out, always take with you inner tubes, dismantlers and air pump.
If you go out often and you want to forget inconvenients on route, this system doesn’t suit you. This is also not recommended for races and competitions, where a flat tire means a big trouble.

What to do?
In the market there are different kits that let you change your rim into a tubeles rim. Althought any system is ZEROFLATS compatible.

If you really don’t want to have any more punctures, use our tubeless kit or our recommendation is to make a small investment in a tubeless rim. They are better designed to hold the tire, and with this configuration you will be able to mount almost every tire of the market safely. They weight the same as the standard rims, but they are much more rigid and resistant.
Just add a botlle of ZEROFLATS and you will ride smoothly, without punctures.

Most of the bikers choose this combination. Most of the wheels bought have a tubeless rim assembled. If you have this combination, you are a lucky man! This is the best option to change to ZEROFLATS: you only have to take out the inner tube, add ZEROFLATS and fill up air according to our instructions. You will enjoy the best protection against punctures, using your favorite tire. See the instructions here.

If you have this configuration, which means you are already convinced tubeless system improves the wheel and the traction. The good news is this characteristic is not exclusively of the tubeless tires, that is because the lack of inner tube, and constant friction with the tire increasing the resistence; in addition you can have a puncture easily.
• Tubeless tires are expensive and you always have less choice of tires.
• Although less punctures occour as with traditional tires you have the same problems: disassembly, take out the valve, find out the hole, reassemble the inner tube, inflate, check and ride.
• When you are at home, you have to take it out and repair it.
• Instead take with you one inner tube in your backpack, now you have to take two, one for each wheel.
Anyway you have to protect against punctures and air leaks, because sooner or later you will have the fatal puncture. Some bikers use to mount an inner tube inside a tubeless tire, for more security. But without inner tube you will save a lot of weight!
The tubeless system is designed to be used without inner tubes

ZEROFLATS gives you 2 posibilities, regarding your priorities.
• If you want never to have a puncture ever again, with a tubeless tire and a bottle of ZEROFLATS, you will have the best possible system.
• If your priority is save weight and money, the option for you is to add ZEROFLATS into a standard tire. ZEROFLATS lets you use standard tires without the required inner tube, and without leaks of air. Take a look through our instructions and the recommended tires list.

In both cases, with ZEROFLATS in your wheels you will enjoy all the advantages of a tubeless tire: more smooth and with more traction in all terrains, less moving parts, more simplicity.

If you use standard tires without inner tube, you have discovered the best combination for your MTB !
Since you use this combination that means you are already using some kind of sealant in your standard tires.
ZEROFLATS is a formulation with latex nanocapsules, easy on your tires but relentless with holes and small cuts.

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