Kit ZERO CUC 20 mm

Kit ZERO CUC 20 mm

Ref. ZC KIT 20

**Precio**: 55,50

For tubeless CYCLO-CROSS tyres 29' or ROAD BIKES of width 23, 25, 28 mm.   

  • Autonomy on road of 20 km if tyre tears
  • Maintains the tyre on the rim
  • Protects the rim
  • Rider safety

Assembly instructions for ZERO CUC for tubeless tyres :

  1. Remove  the Wheel from the bike
  2. Dismantle the tyre from the rim
  3. Attach the ZERO CUC valve to the rim
  4. Assemble the ZERO CUC around the rim
  5. Assemble the tyre
  6. Add ZERO FLATS sealant
  7. Inflate to the correct pressure
  8. Assemble the wheel

Assembly tips:
Take a tyre changer and use 2 zip ties on the rim and the CUC when mounting the tyre.

Each KIT ZERO CUC 20MM contains 2 CUC 20mm, 1 Set valves special ZERO CUC, 1 bottle 120 ml ZERO FLATS.


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