How to use ZeroMarine for your inflatable

Instructions for use :
1. Open the inflation valve
2. Shake the bottle of ZeroMarine
3. Introduce the tube through the valve
4. Insert the cannula of the can into the tube
5. Move the marine inflatable (eg: inflatable surfboard)
     for ZeroMarine to get to where the leak or the puncture is

Advantage :
Enjoy your trips without punctures
Works with all types of marine inflatables

Precautions :
Store at room temperature
Protect from direct sunlight
Protect your eyes while operating ZeroMarine

Warnings :
Keep out of reach and sight of children
In case of accidental ingestion, go to a hospital with a sample of ZeroMarine
This product contains natural latex and a small amount of ammonia (<0.2%)
Avoid handling in case of latex allergy
In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water


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