ZEROFLATS is a special formulation of nanocapsulated latex that stays liquid inside your tyre but when a leakage occours it coagulates creating a flexible and permanent plug with similar characteristics to tyre rubber.
When you have a puncture with ZEROFLATS most of the time you don’t even notice : the system closes while you ride and loss of pressure is minimal.

Will it damage my tyres ?
The exclusive ZEROFLATS formula keeps the mechanical characteristics of the original rubber indefinitely so it doesn’t affect its behaviour.

Are there any disadvantages ?
Mounted in a tubeless tyre, which only represents a small increase in weight (over 60 gr per tyre). It has the same disadvantages of a TUBELESS system except the security is so high and you will not lose pressure.
Riding with a standard tyre rather than a  tubeless tyre has some other drawbacks that you should know :
• Standard tyres have thinner walls so it is easier to break them with a sharp stone.
ZEROFLATS must be added more often, because they are more porous.
• It is more difficult to mount. You will need a compressor (once they are bedded in, you can use any pump).

What are the advantages ?

. You will decrease weight
. You will be protect against punctures
. You will improve your wheel quality
. You will have less rolling resistence because of the thinner and more flexible walls
. You will have more traction, especially if you lower the tyre pressure (we recommend this).  Don’t worry about piercing your inner tube (you don’t have one!)
. More options : with lower pressure, tyres give improved traction in all terrains and conditions.  This will allow you to experiment with tyres which are more rideable and light… you will be surprised with the quality and traction they offer, and the speed you will experience !
.  It is cheaper than buying inner tubes and patches.

How will it affect my riding ?
The best advantage is that you can lower the pressure taking advantage of any tyre has less ride resistence when it doesn’t have an inner tube inside.  We recommend low pressures, over 30psi (2(kg) for a biker who weighs 70 kg.  The ideal point depends on your style, so you will have to experiment a little bit, but normally you will find that tyres have more traction, offer more comfort and a better ride. If you have a rigid bike, you will feel the most difference! 

How do I repair a punctured tyre ?
The easiest way is not to do it : let ZEROFLATS do it. The plug it iforms is flexible and permanent.  If you have a big hole, or a cut, first you have to decide if it is worth repairing it.  If yes, dry the inner tyre with a hair dryer, and repair it as if it were an inner tube, with glue and a standard patch.  In the market you can find special patches for tubeless tyres, which are more rigid, but if the hole is so big that you need one of these patches, probably it is a better idea not to repair.

What happens if I don't like it ?
Don’t worry.  If you don’t like it, mount again the standard inner tube.  ZEROFLATS is not an adhesive, it rinses easily with water, and doesn't leave any permanent residue in your tyre.  But, be prepared to have a flat tyre …

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